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  About EarTagCentral




EarTagCentral.com is owned by DHIA SERVICES, a division of NATIONAL DHIA.   EarTagCentral.com is committed to providing all producers access to a wide range of livestock identification tags and devices.  


                Livestock producers will find EarTagCentral.com:


         Easy to use

         Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

         Source of tags for:   dairy, beef, sheep, goats, and hogs

         Choice of Visual tags, Electronic Tags, Taggers, Readers, Accessories and much more!

         Choice of vendors:  Allflex, Destron Fearing, I.D.ology, Temple Tags, Tru-Test, Y-Tex, and Tru-Test! 

         Competitive pricing and volume discounts available

         A secure way to orders tag products using your credit card

         Convenient as all orders are delivered directly to your farm



There are no restrictions on who may purchase tag products and accessories through EarTagCentral.com.   Purchasers of products offered on this website are not required to be members of any DHIA affiliate, participate in any official testing or identification program, or be members of any other livestock organization.
While EarTagCentral.com offers Official USDA 840 tags for sale, purchasers of tag products offered on EarTagCentral.com are not required to participate in any mandatory identification program unless required by local, state or federal law.


Visitors to this website may see references to membership at various points within the site.   DHIA SERVICES, and its parent organization, NATIONAL DHIA, offers membership pricing to its members in the United States.   If you would like to learn more about services offered by NATIONAL DHIA and/or its members, including EarTagCentral.com membership pricing, please visit 'MEMBERS PAGE' for a list of NATIONAL DHIA members and contact information for your geographic region.   An inquiry may also be sent to EarTagCentral.com using the CONTACT US link on the home page of EarTagCentral.com.



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